Wednesday, 24 December 2014

China Silver Coins 2

In the early 1980s, there were a series of 1 oz pure silver coins minted every year based on the Chinese calendar year featuring the twelve animals from the mouse to the pig. These coins were minted in a small quantity of 6800 pieces. There all came with certificates of authenticity bearing the serial number of issue. The coins were packaged in hard plastic containers and were not meant for circulation. All these coins were minted for the export market as China desperately needed foreign funds to help develop the nation. Hence you don't see a lot of these coins in the local market and not many people talked about them in cyber space. I recently spotted one (a twin dragons silver coin)on offer in the internet for over 600 pounds.

I was able to collect some of these coins through a local agent (Bank of China) who imported these coins for sale in other countries. These coins were sold at 80 dollars per piece initially and went up to more than a hundred dollars later on. At that time the price of silver was very low, hence selling the coins at 100 dollars per piece really reaped a huge profit for the nation. I like these coins as they were all excellently minted and the design of each animal in the China calendar was cleverly thought of. Nowadays, you don't see a lot of these coins in the overseas markets as the China market is very bigger for their own people.

After the success of these lunar new year coins, there come the panda silver coins minted in the 1980s. These lovely coins were so well received by the world that many countries began coping the Chinese by minting their own lunar new year coins as well as the panda coins.

The first Brilliant Uncirculated 1 oz. pure silver Panda legal tender coin was issued in 1989. All coin collectors around the world have been crazy over them because the design of the adorable panda changes every year. And the cost for these coins is surprisingly modest. Every coin is in pristine Brilliant Uncirculated quality, looking just as it did the day it was minted.
The biggest panda coin is the 1 kg pure silver one which is not that easy to handle due to its weight. When these 1 kg-coins first appeared in the market, they were selling for around a thousand dollars each but now they are worth more than ten thousands per piece.

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