Saturday, 7 March 2015

A tiger painting

I have a porcelain painting of a tiger besides a tree.

This painting was done by a famous artist in Jindezhen in the early days. His name is Pi YanMing and he is well known for painting tigers. I bought this painting in the early 90s when I spotted it in an antique shop in Chinatown. In those days, these paintings were not in collectors' radar. This was because mainstream artists' works were not that expensive. Art works by artists like Wu Guanchong, Fu Baosi, Fan Zen, Li Keran, etc were selling by couple of thousands. Today, these artists' works can fetch millions in auctions. Back then no body was interested to put his money to invest in porcelain paintings.
As people get more affluent, porcelain paintings also become collectors' items. These porcelain works often appear in auctions with some rare and excellent pieces fetching hundreds of millions in auctions.

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