Wednesday, 17 June 2015

My birthday gift

I bought myself a gift to celebrate my birthday.

It is a basket of fruits for lunch, very expensive fruits indeed. Guess I will have to skip lunch for a long time to recover from this financial setback.

This master piece was created by a senior craftmaster by the name Hen Wang. It comes with a certificate of authentication by his company in Fujian.

This stone has a combination of colours that enabled the artist to create different types of fruits inside a basket, they are lychee, peanuts, grapes and Buddha's hand. There is even a little squirrel hunting for his lunch on top of the Buddha's hand.

Chinese people are creative and very skillful in art and craft. They have left behind such legacy and treasures for us to enjoy. What I spent in this masterpiece is nothing compared to the time and energy the master spent in creating the art work. One could imagine the many days and nights he spent in front of this work, sweats rolling down his sleeves and not forgetting the occasional pain at the back plus the failing eye-sight.

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