Sunday, 12 July 2015

Pheonix tea

Apart from the well known XiaQuan brand of  Tor Cha, there is another popular brand of Tor Cha (puerh tea compressed in the shape of a bowl) in the 1980s. It is known as the pheonix brand Tor Cha produced by the Nanjian tea factory in Yunnan.

Since setting up factory in 1985, Nanjian factory started producing Tor Cha with the help of technology and expertise from the XiaKuan factory. Later the factory started producing their own line of products known as the pheonix Tor Cha.

When the state stopped interfering in the running (tea transactions) of the tea factories in 1985, individual company began their own purchasing of raw materials and selling of tea products.

As companies rushed to procure raw puerh tea in 1989 in anticipation of a price hike, Nanjian factory acquired  a large amount of raw materials in their ware house. As a result, there was a cash flow problem which caused the company to collapse in 1997. Today the old phoenix bowled tea can hardly be seen in the market.

With privatization, the Nanjian factory is given a new lease of life. The new phoenix brand of Tor Cha again finds its way into the tea market.

The old pheonix tea is fragrant and pleasant to drink. This accounts for its popularity among tea drinkers. As a result, the old brand is revitalized even after the factory had collapsed.

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  1. Still reading your fabulous blog with great pleasure. I learn something new with each post. Keep up the good work, Alan. If only good puerh tea could be had up here.