Monday, 17 August 2015

Black tourmaline and quartz

Recently I bought a huge tourmaline stone with quartz in the middle. This huge stone weighed a whopping 6 kg and is truly amazing.

I have collected quite a number of black tourmaline stones with size ranging from a few grams to several kilograms. But this one is the biggest I have ever collected.

Tourmaline is a pyro-electric material which comes with many different colours. The best gem quality tourmaline is the light blue stone which commands a price higher than that of diamond. The pink and green stones are equally attractive and pricey.

The cheapest tourmaline is of course the black stone. However, these stones are known to have a quality no other stones can match. That is, they can ground negative energy that surrounds you in your everyday life. For instance, in the office, we have computers, internet, smart-hones, etc. These devices work by responding to the waves and signals they received in the cyberspace. When we are out in the open air, we are bombarded with all sorts of radiations. Our cyber space is all but polluted with different types of waves and radiations (some from the sun and some we created). We need to have some devices to ground these waves and radiations, or else our bodies will surely absorb them. You don't want to know what these waves and radiations can do to your body if you are continually exposed to them. The best device to do the job is actually the black tourmaline. It has been proven that black tourmaline is able to absorb all the negative energies surrounding you. It provides a shield to protect you from harmful radiations. What more it does not need a power source to do the job.

It is a good practice to place some black tourmaline stones in your house, in the rooms or near your work space. You can also carry some smaller stones with you wherever you go. Not only it absorbs the negative energy surrounding you, it also turns some negativity away from you. For instance, you may be in a happy mood, suddenly your friends may utter some negative remarks. This will definitely change your mood and upset you for the rest of the day. Don't worry, if you have black tourmaline with you, it will turn this negativity around, it may even send it back to the person who started it.

Most people use the black tourmaline when they practice meditation. As you are meditating, the black stone will help you to stay calm and focus in your meditation. This will improve the flow of energy in your body. What a way to relax after a day of hard work and all the stresses and negativity of everyday life will be grounded and disappeared.

Some people like black tourmaline with smoky quartz. Quartz is a pizo-electric material and it is able to amplify signals. Hence black tourmaline with quartz is able to amplify the negative energy in its vicinity and ground it all at once.

Life is short, do protect yourselves with some black tourmaline stones.

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