Friday, 6 November 2015

Menghai 8582 tea cakes

Recently my relatives brought me some Menghai 8582 green puerh tea cakes. It is produced under the famous brand Da Yee. Da Yee literally means great benefit in Mandarin. This brand name has been adopted by Menghai tea factory many years ago in a bid to promote its brand of high quality puerh tea, made strictly following proven recipe such as 7542, 8582, etc.

Menghai tea 8582
Although this tea is very recent, surprisingly it is quite pleasant to drink. The after taste, kind of sweet-bitter feeling, lingers in your mouth reaching into the throat. It can only produce this effect if the tea leaves are fresh and of high quality. No wonder Menghai green puerh tea, especially the 7542 and 8582, are very sough after by tea drinkers all over the world. Incidentally, this type of puerh tea will be a good investment as the appreciation is expected to be 20% every year. However, watch out for fake products. The whole tea market is infiltrated with imitation puerh tea that carries such renown brands. An advice to new comer, drink more and get used to the fragrance of puerh tea and experience the after-taste that lingers in your mouth after swallowing the tea. This sweet-bitter sensation is what you need to go after when discerning good puerh from the ordinary one. No body can impart this skill-set to you and you have to learn and experience it yourself. The sooner you acquire this skill, the faster you can enjoy the pleasure and excitement in the world of puerh.

Old Gongdin puerh
Another brand of old puerh is the so-called Gongdin puerh, literally means puerh from the palace court yard. It is made from fine puerh tea leaves. It has a deep aroma and a pleasant fragrance. I virtually run out of vocabulary to describe the character and quality of this tea. May be I will have to borrow some vocabulary from the wine connoisseur in future. Puerh tea and wine are my favorite beverages. Next time.... Cheers.


  1. Hi Alan,

    Do you think the 2012 vintage of the 8582 would be something to try........



  2. If you can get genuine 8582 tea cakes, just buy and keep them. Definitely good stuff.

  3. If you can get genuine 8582 tea cakes, just buy and keep them. Definitely good stuff.

  4. Thank you so much for the reply, Alan. I will try a cake for my education from a reputable source.