Friday, 15 April 2016

Some Puerh Tea

Pictures of some puerh tea in my collection.

8582 Dayee puerh, excellent

Old puerh bricks

Another view of old puerh brick

Green puerh unknown year

500 g puerh brick

A good puerh green tea

Old Palace puerh in package form

Old Panchang made in 2004

Red Label in Guangyuan tea

Lately I have tried out some vintage 1975 puerh bricks. Needless to say the fragrance and texture are fantastic. If you can't find the '73 Thick Brick, this is the next best alternative. Nowadays, who can fine puerh tea aged for more than 40 years. It is a rare gem in today's puerh tea market. If you can't afford the 1950 Red label, this is something closer to the impossible.

40 year old puerh bricks
P.S. I have just returned from a working trip in Beijing and a holiday in Hubei in March and early April.

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  1. Welcome back, Ah Weng. Have you ever tried Chen Yuan Hao puerh.........

    Have an order on the way.