Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Inside Painting of Queen of England

It made headline news all over the local papers that the Queen of England had received a gift from some inside painting master in the form of a portrait painted on the inside of a snuff bottle for her 80th birthday. The Queen was delighted to have received such a beautiful gift. She marvelled at the skills and expertise of the artist who painted her portrait inside such a small bottle. A letter from Buckingham Palace was sent to the artist in appreciation of his hard work in getting the job done.

The Queen's portrait inside a snuff bottle

Letter from the Palace in appreciation of the gift
Master Zhang at work

Master Zhang is an expert in inside painting, a new art form that create paintings on the inside of snuff bottles. This is a very delicate job as painting something on the inside wall of a bottle is no easy task. There is only a small opening the size of a bean for the artist to maneuver his brush in a reverse type of painting. He has to endure long hours in front of his desk to complete the job. Skills and patient are essential for any one who is interested to learn this art form.

Some of Master Zhang's work

Portrait of the Queen

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