Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Flower and bird IP bottles

Recently I collected a couple of inside painted bottles. Here are 2 that showed flowers and birds. The art work is superb, must have taken the artists quite some time to paint the picture, through a small opening of the bottles. Inside painting requires both skills and patient, a good eye sight is fundamental as the artists need to focus in order to paint the details.

Once a renown artist (Zhao ShouAng, a famous LinNan style artist) was shown the process of inside painting, he marveled at the skills and talent of the inside painting artist. He remarked that although he can paint landscapes and portraits, he would have difficulty painting them in a reverse manner, especially through a small opening of the bottle.

Painted in 1996

Let's pay tribute to all inside painting artists who enrich our lives by producing art in such a miniature form that we can not only admire it but physically handle it as well. We can bring this art form wherever we go and not worry that it may be damaged.

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