Sunday, 22 January 2017

A harvest

For the past few days when I visited the vendor who put up the tent selling art-n-craft things near where I live, he had been persuading me to buy a big piece of jade disc measuring more than a foot in diameter. He kept telling me that it wasn't easy to have some jade so big in size and crafted in this shape. This round jade disc pieces are traditionally worn by young children for peace and tranquility. But they are very small in size when use for that purpose, not more than an inch in diameter. The are worn as pendants round children's neck.

I declined to buy it as I felt that it would not be easy to find a place to display it in my house. Moreover, my wife would sure to grumble that I would spent money buying this worthless thing (in her mind). I do admit that it is quite unique and I haven't see such a thing in the past. It is really not easy to find a jade that size and the quality is not bad at all.

A huge Jade Disc
Then one day, when I was looking at two more stones on display, he quickly made an offer and he thought that I would not resist the offer. He said if I were to buy the huge jade disc, he would throw in the two stones for free. But I was still not tempted as I wasn't sure where to put in the house for display. I really have too many things in the house. I was still worried that my wife would nag at me for buying so many things and clog up useful space in the house. She likes a clean house with lots of space. Each time I brought something home she would frown at me and started nagging. This experience wasn't pleasant at all. Its a dilemma. Although I don't like the nagging, but I can't help when I see something I like.

Two stones with special marks on them
Then one night, my wife told me that we needed to buy a painting to replace the one on display in the dinning room (she felt it was not that nice). I remembered that there were some paintings on display in the stall as well. Immediately I went to the art-n-craft dealer and see if I could find something there. There was one scenery type (mountains and springs) of painting but it was oblong in shape; didn't fit well in the dinning room. Then I saw this particular one and the vendor told me it was an embroidery work of art. It was woven into a painting using silk thread of different colours. I have never possess art of this sort. Immediately I made a proposal to the vendor. If I were to buy the jade disc, this painting could also be threw in for free, including the two stones that he offer earlier. The vendor thought for a while and agreed to my proposal. I paid him a deposit and took the painting and stones home. I world pay the rest the next day when I took the jade disc. He wrapped up the jade piece inside a box for me to collect the next time I visited him. This jade disc is really heavy and I really struggled to carry it hoe the next day.

Art work in embroidery
Now this painting hangs on the side wall of my dinning place. Each time I have diner, I can enjoy this work of art. It is really amazing that the Chinese people are able to create this art piece from embroidery using fine silk. The scenery has depth and shades of hues to depict a peaceful and tranquil nature.

As for the huge jade disc, it now sits nicely next to my other pieces of stone carvings. Live is indeed good when you are able to collect art-n-craft things and display them in your house. A great way to relieve stress while enjoying art.

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