Monday, 18 December 2017

White Tea

Recently, I have tasted some white tea and found it to be quite pleasant and smooth to drink.

In the past, I did have some white tea but did not enjoyed it as much. I was told that people in Hong Kong like this tea very much. In fact my first sample of the white tea (Shou Mei) was given to me by a colleague from Hong Kong some twenty over years ago. As I did not quite like the tea, I threw it away. What a waste, the tea could have been very nice now if I kept it (May be I was too engrossed with puerh and neglected this tea). Any way, it is not too late to discover this tea and start enjoying it (or collecting it). 

White tea has been around for many years. It was mainly exported to countries in the west as locals found it  to be expensive especially the high grade type of white tea known as Yin Zhen (Silver Needle). The lesser grade such as Bai Mutan and Shou Mei are really quite affordable. White tea comes form the province of Fujian where farmers plant the tea along hilly slopes several hundred feet above sea level. Good tea is almost invariable harvested before the rainy season in March where the leaves are fresh and lively. The tea is processed in a traditional way using sunlight to dry and wither the leaves before packaging it into various forms like loose tea or compressed tea.

It is said that white tea can be kept and it matures over the years. The first three years the tea will develop its medicinal value and after 7 years the tea will become a treasure. Hence it won't be surprised to see old white tea commanding a high price after 7 years.

White tea selling 800 RMB

The tea is yellowish in colour
 The tea has a slight sweet taste with a pleasant aroma. Old white tea has different type of fragrance, like fragrance of flowers and fruits, etc.

Old Shou Mei 
Ever since my first cup of old Shou Mei, I begin to like this tea. I have since collected a few tea cakes in case the price go up in future due to inflation.

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