Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Golden wood

There is a type of wood called the Golden thread wood (金絲楠木) which gives a golden colour when light shines on it. It was mainly found in Yunnan and Szechuan province of China.

The trees were generally more than 500 years old, some were buried under ground or in river beds for hundreds of years due to geological changes on the earth during ancient time. When the tree trunks were unearthed, the wood appeared to be in excellent condition due to its hardy nature. This wood is made into furniture that is high sought after by collectors due to its scarcity.

A log being unearthed
A box made of this wood

There is a collector in China who owns quite a lot of furniture and other artefacts made of this golden wood. He even has a large building to house his collection of furniture.

A chess board made of the golden wood
This exquisite furniture items are really attractive art pieces. The golden colour of this wood is unique and traces of gold thread appears when a torch light shines on the wood. It is a dream for an average person to own this type of luxury in life. I wonder if the owner really put them to good use or they are just put there for people to admire.
A table being transported for exhibition
A brush holder of similar material in my collection, it is not made of the type that was buried under ground.

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