Saturday, 30 August 2014

A collection of Prof Pan's pots

My collection of Prof Pan Chunfang's teapots and cups:

Prof Pan Chunfang

Prof Pan, a senior craftsmaster, is one of the few remaining second generation masters after the legendary seven old guards of Yixing which included big names such as Gu Jingzhou, Chu Kexin and Jiang Rong.

He visited Singapore in the 90s and held teapot exhibitions together with his wife, Xu Chenquan, also a senior craftsmaster.

He was transferred to the Nanjing Academy of fine arts where he trained a lot of potters in creative art and design. He had written books and published many articles on Yixing ware. His early book on teapot designs become a source of inspiration to many potters. They all regard him as an invaluable teacher and trainer in the Yixing art.

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