Monday, 22 September 2014

Celadon ware

I love celadon ware, its glaze, its jade-like texture and its smoothness fascinate me. Celadon ware was known to have existed for hundreds of years.

Celadon ware originated from the Song dynasty, some 800 year ago. It was known locally  as the Longquan ware (or Longquan kiln). With its characteristic greenish jade-like glaze and smooth texture, the celadon antiques from the Song dynasty are sought after items in international auction houses. Prices of tens of millions of USD are not uncommon. However, you don't need to pay millions of dollars to own some celadon pieces. There are superb celadon teapots and cups made exquisitely for serious tea drinking business and they cost a fraction of the antique pieces. If you are not comfortable with the Yixing ware, there is an alternative. The celadon tea equipment is obviously an ideal replacement for tea brewing and appreciation. Not only the cups can display the colour of tea, the texture and glaze of the cups are pleasing to the eyes. Moreover these tea drinking pieces are all hand-made, individually designed and professionally crafted. Tea drinkers are proud to own and exhibit them during their tea drinking sessions.

Don't you like to use them for tea drinking?

Recently in Beijing or anywhere in China, tea drinkers are using celadon ware for tea drinking. They are fascinated by the unique colour of its glaze, the jade-like texture and the joy from admiring the celadon artefacts. There are teapots, tea cups and decanters all hand-made according to traditional methods, from clay and glaze mixing to firing.

Jade-like texture and colour

Why are the celadon pieces so attractive and appealing to tea drinkers?

This is because there is a group of young ceramic fanatics who spend years after years to acquire the skills in making the celadon ware. They talk to experienced workers in Longquan (birth place of the celadon ware), experiment on the technique and research on glazing and firing techniques. As a result of their hard work, they are able to produce the high quality required in this ware. Their products attract a new generation of tea drinkers who love and promote the use of celadon tea drinking utensils.

The next time you look for tea brewing vessels or cups to appreciate you favourite tea, why not give the celadon ware a try, who knows you may be attracted by these unique pieces. They certainly will enrich your tea drinking experience.

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