Friday, 5 September 2014

Mother of teapots

Here is a giant teapot able to quench the thirst of hundreds of tea drinkers.
This teapot has the shape of a mandarin orange with a poem that praises the this oriental fruit. The calligraphy was done by a grandmaster in engraving, Tan Quenhai.

When the ba Kut teh (traditional Shui Ping Hu for brewing kungfu tea) teapots are placed near this giant teapot, they look like dwarf, don't you think so?

With the depletion of resources, it is indeed a luxury to make teapot of this size out of the purplish Yixing clay. Even if you can find one in China, it is a headache shipping it back. Apart from the high shipping cost, insurance and handling fees involved, it may damage in transit.

National master, Tan Quenhai

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