Friday, 24 October 2014

A small compressed-shape pot

A small compressed-shape teapot for sharing.

The shape of this pot is interesting. It is a conventional round teapot but the shape shrinks vertically. It is like compressing it down vertically making it a bit shorter and fatter (a big waist). Although the design is unique, its capacity is quite small, very ideal for brewing very strong tea where one only sips a little at a time.

Very small teapot/cup is ideal to brew some special tea. This is especially true for old Shuisien tea ( a type of mountain tea from Fuzhou) where the tea is brewed into a deep black colour and one can only drink a bit at a time and the taste is good and aroma superb. Of course, one needs to master the tea brewing technique, otherwise, the fragrance and aroma can be lost.

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