Monday, 20 October 2014

Beautiful crystals

I don't normally like quartz crystals as I have always thought that quartz is just a type of high-class glass with low intrinsic value, unlike diamonds, sapphires and rubies which are considered prized gems of the world.

However my opinion changes when I happen to see some beautiful rutilated quartz crystals in the internet. These crystals have needle-like inclusions inside the stones that shine brilliantly under the torch light. When I research further, I found that these rutilated crystals are by no means cheap. Some of the best ones (those containing golden yellow inclusions) are sold at a few hundred dollars per carat.

The needle-like inclusions, mainly titanium dioxide

This rutilated crystal ball is a gem in itself
The rutilated quartz crystals are also made into bracelets. The thread-like inclusions have different colours ranging from golden yellow to reddish brown. The metallic oxide appears as inclusions inside the crystal clear quartz. These thread-like inclusions (basically rutile which is titanium dioxide) enhances the beauty of the ordinary quartz crystals.

This bracelet consists of mini  rutilated quartz balls
Some of the  larger stones are carved into figurines with these long thread-like inclusions running along the carvings. They look magnificent when the inclusion are illuminated under the influence of light, the more inclusions the higher the value.

This carving is a prized gem due to its inclusions
This is a hugh rutilated quartz crystal ball
There is a collector in Taiwan who owns a huge rutilated crystal ball the size of a human head. He put it on a stand in his sitting room and the ball rotates around under strong light. As the ball rotates, one can see numerous thread-like inclusions that shine like golden needles inside the crystal ball. These shinny needles move around as the ball rotates and the sight is spectacular. One can never get tired looking at these sparkling needles that seem to float in space. What a way to relieve stress after a hard day's work at the office.
The thicker the rutile bands the higher the value of the stones
I have a citrine gem quality crystal over 57 carats bought many years ago from a shop. 
My other collections, 2 bracelets of rutilated quartz crystal balls of golden and red needles inclusions.


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