Sunday, 3 May 2015

Beautiful world of quartz

Quartz is a crystal known to exhibit piezoelectric properties, it can convert energy from one form to another. As a result, it is used in many areas such as time pieces, probes for ultrasonic scans and devices requiring accurate frequencies.

There are many types of quartz with different colours, inclusions and texture. Garden quartz is a type of quartz where it contains numerous inclusions. Under strong light, these inclusions look like green ferns and bushes, grey and yellow vegetation with some pink shades. these are the things you would see in a garden, hence the name garden quartz.

Below is the picture of a carving from garden quartz.

Garden quartz is a beautiful stone. It contains natural earth elements giving the crystal both incredible Earth energy and a delightful appearance of a miniature garden.  This is an amazing display piece with incredible Earth Energy.

Garden quartz is a powerful grounding stone that is used extensively in healing and meditation work. It is one of the fundamental grounding stones known to be able to establish a clear path to removing negativity by passing it back into the Earth where it can dissipate naturally.

Other examples of this magnificent crystal.

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