Thursday, 30 April 2015

Tea utensils of the 3rd kind

Equipment for making a cup of Chinese tea comes in many different forms and sizes. Some prefer smaller tea set to brew their favourite cup of tea while others like gigantic structure to do the same thing.

Here there is a tea table comes with stools. Guess how much it is worth? I was told that a businessman offered the owner 2 bungalows just to exchange for this table. What make this table so valuable as to cost the businessman such a high price?

Well, this table is made from the famous huanghuali wood. Just look at the size of the table and you can imagine how many hundreds of years it took for the tree to grow to that size. This wood had been very precious since ancient time. Emperors had been using this wood to make their palaces due to its unique texture and grains. Due to scarcity, this wood can be few hundred times (if not thousand of times) more expensive than gold. The wood also gives off a pleasant scent, a fragrance that resemble some herbal medicine.

This table also comes with decorative carvings of animals that represent the twelve animals of the Chinese lunar calendar.

Another unique tea furniture carved from wood. It is interesting to entertain guests for tea drinking sessions with such an exquisite setup.

If you can't afford gigantic tea set of tea furniture, a smaller tea set is just ideal to brew your nice cup of puerh or iron goddess of mercy. This tea set may still be costly as it is elegantly made from good quality wood.

This tea set also looks grand due to its size and the beautiful carving at the far end. It comes with a drain pipe for connection to an external drainage pipe.

Bamboo is also an ideal material to make tea set. I also own one such tea set which I paid 30 dollars from a merchant few months ago. Below is the tea set I have been using for many years in my office.

My new tea set

Another gigantic tea furniture
If you like to brew Chinese tea, I am sure you would also like to own some high quality tea utensils or tea set. These things enhance your tea making sessions and you will enjoy making and drinking tea. You sure have endless fun and excitement when using these things in your everyday life.

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