Monday, 1 February 2016

Puerh from Iceland

There is a puerh tea with a brand known as Iceland. It had even won a gold award for being the best tea of the year in China. The brand name in Chinese PingTau literally means Iceland. You may be puzzled that an European country can in fact produce puerh tea. A foreign puerh tea that won a gold medal in the land of Chinese tea.

Award winning PingTau (Iceland) puerh tea

Not to alarm, This puerh tea is 100% puerh tea from China.

Puerh tea by definition, is the only tea that is produced in the Province of Yunnan in China. No other country in the world can produce puerh tea.

PingTau is just the name of a village in the Province of Yunnan. Hence the puerh tea from the village bears the brand name PingTau or Iceland.

The wild tea trees in this village have produced puerh tea of such high quality that won the tea the gold award. If you have deep pocket, this is the tea to buy. It can be very expensive as in 2014, the raw unprocessed tea (freshly picked from trees) was reported to be selling at fifteen thousands RMB per kilogram.

I have some puerh tea cakes from the PingTau region of Yunnan. They were green puerhcakes produced in 2013. I saw the tea in a tea shop and asked for some sample to try out. After tasting it at home, I like its fragrance and taste. It may not be the award winning brand, but the tea is good and the price is reasonable. I decided to stock up some quantity of this brand of PingTau for personal consumption.

My very own PingTau puerh tea
Although the tea is still relatively young, I was surprise that the taste is not harsh at all at this age. The after-taste is also good and very memorable. After drinking the first cup, you feel like wanting to drink some more. Maybe this is the tea with great potential in the years to come.

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