Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Vintage puerh in the news

In 2011, the Taiwan Changhua District Prosecutors investigated the family of 2 wealthy brothers concerning a sum of over 20 millions Taiwanese dollars. It was suspected that the sum of money was used in political donation. As many as 30 members of the family were interviewed in the investigation to find out where the money had gone to.

Prosecutors investigate mystery involving 20 millions in Taiwan

Later it was found that the sum of 20 millions was actually spent in the purchase of 2 bundles (each bundle contains 7 cakes) of 100 year-old puerh tea cakes. This was revealed by the agent who bought the tea from a merchant in Hong Kong. The agent in total bought 8 bundles of the 100-year puerh tea from the Hong Kong merchant. The tea was from a famous brand known as Longma TongQin Hao, a brand renown in the late Qin dynasty more than 100 years ago. 20 millions for 2 bundles was then the prevailing market price for such a tea. The wealthy Taiwanese brothers were fans of antigue puerh tea  and would pay anything for fine antigue puerh tea. It was told that they actually commissioned a friend to purchase the tea through this agent.

20 millions spent in 2 bundles of tea 
Longma TongQin puerh tea
Over the years, the agent sold some of the precious tea to his wealthy clients. He said now there are only 3 bundles left in the world and each bundle is now worth a hefty 50 millions Taiwanese dollars.

Antique puerh worths millions in RMB

The rich and famous people in the world indulge in extravagant things of which antigue puerh becomes their favourite choice of beverage. They all have a sizable collection of fine and aged puerh tea. As the agent commented, these super rich have assets of billions, what is the cost of million-dollar puerh to them.

Due to its scarcity, the price of 100 year-old puerh almost reached a level that even if you have the cash, you may not be able to find the supply. For instance, the red label puerh tea cake is selling at 700000 RMB in China and one bundle can cost as much as 5 million RMB.

Red label puerh cake produced in 1950

This bundle of tea is worth 50 millions in Taiwan

Recently, the agent brought one bundle of the 100 year-old LongMa TongQin puerh tea to to a tea-house in China. He opened up the bundle in front of his guests including some journalists.

Due to many years of storage, one can see that tea cakes had actually got fatter. they were not so tightly packed as the many years of storage caused the tea to be rather loose.

 He carefully prised opened some tea and brewed the 100 year-old tea in a Yixing pot. He was even seen joking with his guests that this brew of puerh tea costed him 200000 RMB. A journalist then commented that his cup of puerh tea worked out to be 2000 RMB per cup. Incredible, isn't it.

200000 RMB for a brew

Each cup can cost as much as 2000 RMB

It was said that once you have tasted the 100 year-old puerh tea, you can never forget the rich and tremendous feeling that such a tea gave you. Obviously, you need to have connection before you can even have a chance to try out this fabulous tea.

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