Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Another teapot story

Yet another record price for teapot legend Gu Zingzhou's work.

This set of ten-piece Yixing ware fetched a record price of 89.60 millions RMB in an auction in Beijing in November 2015. The set consists of a squirrel/grapes decorated teapot, a tea leaves container and 4 cups with plates.

Gu Zingzhou evaluating a teapot

Gu was famous in producing excellent teapots. He would break any teapot that was not made up to his satisfaction. Hence, his works are really perfect master pieces.

In the 1980s, there was a teapot exhibition in Singapore organised by Jingfong (a renown company from Hong Kong). There was a teapot made by Gu and the asking price was $20k. Back then in the 1980s, $20k was a lot of money. All those present in the exhibition shook their heads with disbelief, how on earth could a teapot be so expensive! Even if the teapot was made entirely from gold, it would even be cheaper. I did not know if any one bought the teapot during the exhibition. If indeed that teapot was sold, the owner of that pot today could well be feeling how fortunate he was. He acquired a teapot made by Gu for only $20k while others are paying tens of millions for it.

The morale of the story is: You don't need to invest in properties for a good return for your investment, art works are obvious choice of investment. In an affluent society where cash is not a problem, people would thrown in tons of money to acquire any art pieces that are valuable.

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