Thursday, 18 August 2016

Fu Baoshi

It was reported in the press (June 2016) that a painting of Fu Baoshi (傅抱石) was auctioned recently in Beijing for a record S$47m - thie highest price paid in the sale. The 1954 work, The God of Cloud and Great Lord, has been kept in Singapore by various collectors since the early 1960s.

Fu Boashi's painting done in 1954
The painting of two fairy gods was inspired by a poem by Warring states poet Qu Yuan more than 2000 years ago. Measuring 114 cm by 315 cm, it is the largest painting of human figures by the late artist available in the market. His other similar size-size work are kept in museums in China.

Art collectors here indicated that the painting was sold by Fu's family to a Singapore collector after his death in 1965, and it remained in Singapore since. They added that the sale of the painting was a great loss to Singapore art.

One retired Chinese art writer commented: "As with many other other Chinese masterpieces owned by the older generation of Singapore collectors, we are losing them probably because present collectors and the museum authorities here do not see their values."

Fu Baoshi
Fu Baoshi had great talents in Chinese painting. After the independence in 1959, he and another artist (Guan Sanyue) were commissioned by Mao Zedong of the Communist government to paint a huge painting for display in the Great Hall of China. The painting depicts sun rise on mountains with clouds and pine trees. This painting entitled "Jiang San Ru Chi Doa Jiao" 江山如此娇。The six Chinese characters were written by Chairman Mao himself after its completion.

It was a great investment by the Singapore collector. In his old age, he is able to reap a fortune for investing in famous artists' works. However, it is a pity that time is against him to dispose of such wealth during his old age.

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