Friday, 24 March 2017

More Chicken blood stones

I have a bigger piece of chicken blood stone which I bought a few years ago. It is not the best of the chicken blood stones but at least something I can afford. It sits on a piece of Qintian stone carving which also served as a stand for the chicken blood stone. This is a raw stone with no carving on it. I will just have to admire the splashes of red hue on the stone and paid a fair bit of money for that. I regretted not buying any chicken blood stones when the price was low. These stones are lovely to look at, especially those with carvings done by masters.

This screen was carved from a huge chicken blood stone that exhibits three distinctive colours, yellow, red and black. The master carved out the story of Romance of the Three Kingdom. The 3 famous generals, Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei; Liu Bei the yellow face general, Guan Yu the red face general and Zhang Fei the black face general. He later sold it to a collector for 5 millions. Now this piece is worth over 50 millions and the owner even refuses to sell it. He commented it is hard to find such a big stone with a master's work on it. Below is the picture of the screen.

A big screen with the story Romance of the Three Kingdoms on it

The three generals became sworn brothers and went thru thick and thin in battle
Here are some exciting raw stones, seals and stone carvings. There are guidelines in selecting a good chicken blood stone for investment. If you have the cash, look for the best.

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To choose a good chicken blood stone, the colour must be bright red, and the patches of red hue must be lively. It should resemble fresh blood flowing out, or splashing onto the stone. The background (or ground in short) should also be stone of good quality, clear and translucent, the colour should preferably looks like that of the horn of a cow.

The flow of the red hue is lively, like Chinese art

Colour and ground both excellent

A huge raw stone that is worth millions of dollars

Red mountain

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