Saturday, 8 April 2017

A teapot for brewing tea

Recently I went with a colleague to hunt for some crystal carvings and spotted this teapot diaplayed at a nearby shop. I used to own such a teapot many years ago but sold it to a friend who happened to like the unique shape of this teapot. Since then I wanted to buy back this type of teapot but was not able to find one.

This was an opportunity and I would definitely make enquiry on price, etc. Fortunately, it was not that expensive so I bought it.

This teapot belongs to the type of teapots made by  joining segments of clay together. The segments are separated by glooves that bring out the shape of the pot. It is elegant and well made. When I pour tea out from the pot, tea just flows out from the sprout without wetting the pot.

A similar teapot made in Qing Dynasty is now on display in a museum in the United States. It was made in such perfection that it is a delight to its owner.

In a museum in the United States

I have other teapots made in this manner. Their artistic forms are just good  for tea drinkers to admire.

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