Monday, 5 June 2017

Globular pot and wild puerh

I uploaded this video to Youtube quite some time ago.

This is a classic ball-filtered teapot made in the 1970s. The zisha clay was of fine quality, made for export to the Japanese market. Some appeared in markets of South East Asia. I managed to get two from a shop and sold one to a Taiwanese friend.

The tea bricks were from the Menghai factory, made in March 2004. The tea was harvested from Yiwu tea mountain, from tea trees grew in the wild. These tea trees grew on mountain where no artificial fertilisers were used. Today, puerh processed from wild tea trees is in short supply, pushing the price skyrocket high. For instance, tea from the Mun Song region can comman a price of over 10k rmb per kg due to scarcity. Tea from Bin Daou or Lao Banzhang also command very high price in the tea market. This is evident from the fact that tea farmers in those tea producing regions all live in huge brick houses that are mordern and elegantly built. It is rather irony to see so many beautiful houses in the miidle of tea plantation on mountains.

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