Sunday, 4 June 2017

Simple yet elegant

Some teapot designs are simple yet elegant. These simple teapots are like evergreen trees, you won't get tired with such simple shapes.

These teapots won't cost collectors a lot of money during those early years. They are fantastic for brewing green tea due to a broad body. As you know, green tea consists of tea leaves that rolled into small little lumps. These small lumps need space to expand when they are put in the pot with hot water. A big belly in the pot is essential for the tea leaves to expand and release the frsgrance. Inevtably, you need a broad base teapot to brew a pot of good green tea.

Another simple teapot is the humble MengChen Hu, the one people often use to brew kungfu tea. These are the evergreen treees of teapots that will forever be tea drinkers' favourite choice when brewing tea.

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