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Chun Fang versus Pi Fang

Pan Chun Fang and Li Pi Fang were two potters who spent all their life in making teapots. In their hot pursue for perfection in this art, they had created some masterpieces. It is indeed fortunate for me to have collected some of their teapots in the early 1990s.

Why were they so famous in the early 80s and 90s? There was a saying in Yixing during that time, in  all the male potters there is Chun Fang and in  all the female potters there is Pifang (男有春芳,女有碧芳), this explained their popularity among the potters in Yixing. Obviously they were well known in the art of teapot making and both shared the last name Fang. They were  both senior craftsmasters and both were at a very young age. Li Pifang came to Singapore in the 1900s and brought her teapots for an exhibition organised by Chang Su Trading company. Prof Pan is also no stranger in Singapore as he visited Singapore on numerous occasions, to hold exhibition of his works and give talks to art collectors.

I have collected quite a number of their teapots and I am really pleased with them. Of course, Prof Pan is famous for his pumpkin teapots while Pi Fang was good at making teapots of traditional shape and design. She made them with such perfection that it is a pleasure to use them to brew tea. Of course one has to be very careful when handling these pots as they are really precious. Do you know why? Li Pi Fang passed away in 2004. Some one told me that she committed suicide. So there would be no teapot made by her after 2004. Prof Pan is currently of an advanced age, I am not sure if he is still actively engaged in teapot making. He used to be a professor at the Nanjing Academy of Fine Arts. He had conducted many training courses in creativity and artistic design in area of art and craft.

Prof Pan's exhibition in 1991

Prof Pan's Pumpkin teapots

Purplish clay pumpkin set

Red clay pumpkin set

潘春芳 南京艺术学院教授、硕导省陶学会副理事美国西弗吉尼洲立大学艺术学院客座教授 1936年9月生于江,1955年入宜紫砂工厂,从朱可心学。1964年毕业于中央艺术陶瓷系本科,1978年入研究生班。1981年入南京艺术学院,主持陶艺专业工作。1987年主《紫砂陶器造型》由中国出版社出版; 1987年《砂集》由香港远东出版社出版;1992年《茗壶竞艳》(主要委)由林出版社出版;1998年《宜紫砂》由上海人民美出版社出版。陶作品《藏女》、《石城南瓜茶具》、《彩釉挂》曾得各种奖项。1995年及1999年先后以中国陶代表身份访问欧洲及日本。曾多次在美国、新加坡、加拿大、台湾等地学,并举办作品展。
Prof Pan in his early days
Prof Pan's name card
Li Pi Fang's traditional pot

Another of Pi Fang's work
李碧芳: 高级工艺美术师。1939年12月生于江苏省宜兴丁蜀镇。

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