Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Chu Kexin

His masterpiece, real purplish zisha

Chu Kexin was born in 1903

Some of his students are masters and grand masters

The seals he used

This one is in my possession
Chu Kexin was a famous potter at the young age of 33.

Before he passed away, he had trained unselfishly a lot of potters and all of them have become masters and grand-masters of the trade. These potters include Prof Pan Chunfang, Wang Yinxien and many others.

He knew that the Zisha culture would fluorish and reach a height unimaginable. All he ever wanted was that those involved in the trade could live a comfortable life. He had suffered a lot of hardship in the past decades. His child was sick and he could not afford to take him to see a doctor. No one would lend him money. He even had to remove a tumor in his wife's body himself as he had no money to take her to hospital for surgery.

Before his death, he had all his seals destroyed for fear of them being misused by others. He told his children to live an honest life and not to obsess with wealth.

He was such an upright person with high integrity and honesty. A remarkable potter.

Chu Kexin

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