Thursday, 4 May 2017

Guang Yun Gong Bing

A lot of people have seen the usual Guang Yun Puerh tea. But this one bears the shop's own designed brand. I bought a couple of them in late 1990s and found that the quality was good. The new owners of the shop no longer imports puerh tea themselves.

Guang Yun Bing is so called because the tea was processed and packaged in Guang Dong even tough the raw tea was from Yunnan. The reason the tea was manufactured and packaged there to facilitate export purpose since trade went through the port in Guang Dong. These tea cakes were very raw when I bought them. It was undrinkable that time. However over the years, the tea has since got rid of its harshness and slowly develops its mallow taste and quality. Nowadays, not many young tea drinkers have seen this tea as it is no more around in shops for a long time.

Typical Guan Yun Gong Bing

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