Monday, 1 May 2017

Teapot of yester years

Another teapot I bought in the early days of yester years. Inspired by a friend who used this teapot to make tea, i set out to look for a similar teapot for my own use. I got attracted by its shape and its style, simple yet magnificient.

Handled yixing pot of the 70s

 I walked throught many streets in China town. I searched every corner in shops i patronised in search of this teapot. I just had to find it and buy it. I was too obssessed with it. I remembered the days when my friend used to bring it along whenever he attended meetings. He always came late for meetings. When the door was opened, he was standing there, holding the teapot by the handle. Although there was free flow of coffee or tea during meetings, he always insisted brewing his very own pot of puerh tea, old vintage puerh. What else, in this beautiful yixing teapot. The image of him holding the teapot by the handle kept lingering in my mind.

Guess what after months of looking around, my hardship paid off. Not only i found the teapot in a shop, i was able to find a few of this pots in other shops as well. After some hard bargaining, i boutht them all. A total of 10 teapots of the same type. I just liked to buy them all. My philosophy in life, if you like somethingm make sure you get them all.

However, sorry to say that I seldom use the teapot to make tea. Maybe it is a bit awkward to brew tea as the handle gets in the way when putting and removing tea from the pot. Nonetheless, this is a suoerb teapot in every sense of the word, the clay is superb, workmanship is superb and the potter's skill is superb. It was also made in the 1st factory in Yixing, something worth to cheerish.

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