Monday, 1 May 2017

Pumpkin versus pumpkin

It is a public holiday, 1st of May, 2017.

Idling at home and nothing to do, I took out some teapotd from cabinet to admire.

These are 2 sets of pumpkin teapots by prof Pan Chun Fang. I bought them while he was exhibiting his works in Singapore in the earlg 1990s. Each seg comes with 4 cups with matching colour.

Pumpkin teapots
I really like the red clay set as it is especially unique. The under side of the lid had some chineses characters engraved by the potter. It read the world is full of fun, the pumpkin delights in fun (or something like that, it is never easy to translate word for word from chinese into English).

Many potters have made pumpkin teapots in the past. But no one has created a pumpkin teapot the way Prof Pan did. Most would made the teapot in a perfect shape, round in every aspect ov the subject matter. But Prof Pan depicted pumpkin in a different way. It doesn't look that round, in fact it appears distorted in some part. But the distortion in the pumpkin does not affect its overall appearance. In a way, this distortion added strength to its beauty. It reminds us that not everything in this world is perfect. But sometimes a bit of imperfection can add immeasurable pleasure to us, it depends on how you perceive it.

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