Thursday, 18 May 2017

Xi Yuqin

I bought this elegant teapot from a shop in the late 1980s. I did not know who the potter was until I saw a picture showing her work in an old book on teapots. Her name was Xi Yuqin and the teapot she made was a pumpkin teapot. Later I found out that she was active in the 1970s where she learned the art of teapot making from a old renown potter,

An elegant teapot
Many years later, this design of teapot appeared in the market. I bought a few to keep as my stock. Yet a few years later, there was a slight modification to this design. The handle became thicker and no more in a curved shape. It was all straight through, at 90 degrees. It was made this way as the original design would cause the handle of the teapot to break during transportation. The new design was robust. I did not buy any of the teapot of this new design. Although it was robust, it wasn't elegant and looked rather awkward. The original teapot looked lively and perfect.

Pumpkin teapot
Xi Yuqin

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