Monday, 8 May 2017

Gong Chun Hu

Design of  World first teapot, Gong Chun pot
This is the design of the teapot first made by Gong Chun, a Ming dynasty potter who learned teapot making from a monk.

Gong Chun was a servant of a scholar. Hefollowed his master during his stay in a temple to prepare for state examination. One day, Gong Chun saw a monk in the temple used some clay to make a teapot. Hidden behind a tree, he observed the whole process of making the teapot. After the monk had left, he found some clay remaining at the scene. He then used the remaining clay and imitating the monk to make a teapot. While he was hiding behind the tree, he noticed the interesting marks on the tree trunk, this gave him an inspiration. So he made the teapot resembling those marks. This was then known as the Gong Chun Hu (teapot). As he was quite talented, the teapot he made was of good workmanship. His master, being a scholar, liked tea drinking and invited his friends to drink tea using the teapot made by Gong Chun. He also asked Gong Chun to make teapots for his friends. As a result, all the natives there heard about Gong Chun and would like to own teapots made by him.

Gong Chun became so famous that his teapots became sought after by scholars and wealthy businessmen. Unfortunately, none of his teapots were left behind. Some on display in museums were imitation Gong Chun Hu by earlier masters.

I bought this teapot many years ago but did not know where i put it. I only found it recently, hidden in some newspaper wrappings. Where else, in cornices below the ceiling of my apartment.

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