Thursday, 4 May 2017

Old Comrade Tea

This brand of Puerh tea was pioneered by a retired factory manager of the Meng Hai Tea Factory, it is called the old comrade tea.

After years of working in the tea factory and acquiring tremendous experience in tea making, he did not want to give up this career of tea making. So when he retired in late 1990s, he set up his own factory immediately to make puerh tea. His first batch of puerh tea rolled out from his factory. As the tea labels were not yet ready, the tea had no labels or logo of its own. The tea bricks were wrapped in blank brown paper with the words Old Comrade written on the paper. He also introduced some thing unique for his tea, a first of its kind, an innovation he had thought of. He put a rectangular thin piece of bamboo with his name printed on it with words like ex-manager of Meng Hai Tea Factory printed on top. This is unique a way to market his tea and a guarantee of authentic tea from his factory.

This tea is excellent, resembling the old puerh tea he ever made for Meng Hai Tea Factory in the 1980s. The tea was well received by the public, Subsequently he introduced other products like the round tea cakes, green puerh, etc.

Bamboo sticks with maker's credentials

A sought after tea from Old Comrade
Due to its popularity, others begin to fake his tea and use his labels to market their own products. So be aware, there are fake tea in the market.

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