Saturday, 17 August 2013

Ball-shaped teapot that won Gold award

This is the teapot design than won a gold award during an international event held at San Francisco called the Panama Expo in 1915. It was created by a famous potter who lived during the late Qing dynasty by the name of Chen Soujen. The design has since become a such classic shape in teapot design that most potters would like to try their hands on it. The lid has a shape of a half ball (a bit unusual by its size), together with the round knob and the circular body, the whole design looks marvellously harmonious in all its features. It caught the attention of the judges and eventually won the gold award. The news brought great excitement to Yixing and the potters were all encouraged by this great achievement by a native of Yixing.

Small ball-shaped teapot
Alans Museum keeps two such teapots, one big size of purple grey colour while the other smaller version purple brown in colour.
Large ball-shaped teapot

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