Friday, 23 August 2013

Monk's hats

The monk's hat teapot design was created during the Ming dynasty by a potter known as Shi Dabin.  Shi was a student of the legendary Gong Chun who was considered to be the first potter in Yixing where records were kept regarding his pottery work. Since then, most of the potters in Yixing have all tried their best to craft this teapot design. Some have made some modification to the original design while others like Gu Zingzhoun had received fame and honour by making this teapot. His monk hat teapot was made in such perfection that it had long been considered the best of all monk hats.

Short wall version of Monk's hat
Alan Museum has a monk hat teapot with some minor modification. The body is round rather than the traditional segmented shaped. It was made by a young craftsman by the name of Fan Xiaofang.
Round Monk's hat by Fan Xiaofang

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