Monday, 19 August 2013

Jade Pixiu 貔貅

Pixiu (貔貅) is an auspicious animals in ancient Chinese mythology. It is considered a wealth-bringing divine animal.  

Pixiu is fierce and powerful by nature. It is also believed to be an animal capable of driving away evil spirits and bringing happiness and good luck to its owner.  It is considered a house-guarding animal with the ability to ward off unplesant things and exhibit loyalty in protecting its master. That is the reason why many Chinese people  like to wear jade Pixiu as a form of ornament to be carried around wherever they go. 

Pixiu has a mouth but no anus, so it just swallows up things without passing anything out. Hence, it is regarded as a divine accumulator of wealth from everywhere without letting anything out. Pixiu is used in feng shui not only to ward off evil spirits but also bring in wealth for its owner. As such, businessmen like to keep Pixiu in the corner of their home or offices to bring good luck to their businesses and finance. As for gamblers, they like to take Pixiu with them whenever they visit the casino.

Large Pixiu for putting in office
Alans Museum has collected a number of Jade Pixius, these are the small ornamental type for wearing around the neck. There are also the bigger versions for putting at the corner of a house for auspicious reasons. The value of these jade ornaments depends on the quality and colour of the jade used to make them.
Small jade Pixius for wearing

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