Thursday, 8 August 2013

Zhou Juefang's (周菊芳) red zisha

Zhou Juefang, Prof Pan Chun Fang's student, is currently a craftsmaster of Yixing. Apart from acquiring her skills and techniques from Prof Pan and his wife, Xu Chenquen, she develops her own style and technique and continue to look for breakthrough in designs of teapot. Together with her husband, they are famous for a series of teapots depicting the great earth. These teapots are made using the potter's wheel method and are award winning masterpieces. Some of her teapots are bought by museums and party headquarter for permanent display.

Alans Museum has another piece of her work acquired in the 1990s. It is red zisha teapot that was featured in a book published in the 1990s.
Zhou Juefang's red zisha



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