Saturday, 3 August 2013

Zhou Juefang's (周菊芳) small teapots

Alans Museum commissioned Zhou Juefang to make some small teapots for kungfu tea appreciation in the 1990s. This was arranged through Prof Pan Chunfang when he was here to exhibit his teapots. At that time, Zhou was a student of Prof Pan at the Nanjing Academy of Art. The teapots are small in size and were made following the classic shape of the Se Shi pot, named after a beauty of the three kingdom fame. The small teapot is ideal for brewing fine tea due to its small size to capture the fragrance of the tea. The name Zhou Juefang was engraved at the bottom of the teapots. A total of three such teapots are currently on the museum's inventory list.

Zhou's small pots for kungfu tea

类别:工艺美术师  See Posting on Zhou Juefang 's round pot for more detailed information on the potter.

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