Monday, 5 August 2013

Fan Zaoda's teapot

Fan Zaoda, a craftsmastre of Yixing, is a potter of the 2nd Zisha factory. He joined the factory in 1983 under the guidance of the factory manager, Xu Hantang who is Gu Zingzhou's very first student. Although he has mastered the traditional designs of teapot, he blends new innovative ideas in his work, enabling him to win praises from his peers.

Alans Museum has another of Fan's teapot. It has a butterfly carved on the top cover.
Fan Zaoda's butterflytea pot
范早大 :1966年2月生,宜兴紫砂工艺二厂工艺美术师。1983年进紫砂二厂,先从吴同芬学艺,后师从徐汉棠,在严格的基础训练下,逐渐夯实基本功,作品以传统造型为主,赋以新的创作构思,形成新旧和谐统一的格调,所制作的《龙旦壶》在“江苏省紫砂散文节”获二等奖。主要作品有《圣桃》、《南瓜》、《掇圆》等。

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