Monday, 26 August 2013

Teapot with unusual handle

Have you seen a teapot with  a handle made at 90 degrees to the sprout?

This is a teapot design made specifically for the Japanese market. The teapot has a 'China Yixing' mark at the bottom. It is basically a small teapot for kung-fu tea appreciation. The name of the teapot is "Xi Shi', named after a beauty of the Romance of Three Kingdom era. Is there any difference between this teapot and the usual one with the handle placed at 180 degrees to the sprout? Well, you have got to own one to feel the difference. Some people say it is easier to handle this type of teapot for brewing and serving tea, especially if the teapots are bigger in size. For smaller ones, the difference is insignificant. Anyway, not many such teapots are made. May be they are that popular with tea drinkers.
Xi Shi Teapot with unusual handle

Tradition Xi Shi teapots of the 80s 

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