Tuesday, 22 July 2014

A green stone from Qintian

Here is another green stone from Qintian for sharing:

Qintian is a town in Zhejiang where seal stones of up to a hundred different varieties are found. These valuable resources have been seriously depleted due to deliberate mining over the past few centuries

The best among these seal stones is the Deng Kwangtung follows by Feng Mengqin. Other varieties includes the blue star , San Baolue (a green stone) and Lantin (blue nail). Great masters over the years have created numerous masterpieces. Some of these works of art can be seen if you pay a visit to the various private stone museums in Qintian. If you happen to be in Zhejiang, do pay a visit to these museum and I am sure you will be in for a treat. The exquisite masterpieces  on displaywill set you thinking, how come people in this part of the world are so talented and creative. They practically can turn any piece of unattractive stone into a masterpiece.

Lantin stone carving

Feng Mengqin stone carving
 If you look at this piece of art-work, you can imagine the hard work and thought put in by the master who created it. It is carved from of a piece of Feng Mengqin. The theme is Moon is round and flowers are fine (My apology: direct translation from mandarin).

Another Qintian stone carving (Lantin) M

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