Tuesday, 15 July 2014

An ordinary pot 2

Here is another ordinary Yixing teapot. One tends to see a lot of such pots in the 80s and 90s era. In those days, these pots usually did not catch people's attention. This is because they are too ordinary and also there were better teapots around to choose from. But today, even these ordinary pots of past years are not easy to find in the market. They become extraordinary due to age.

This is a twin colour teapot that comes with 2 sizes. Some come with ball filters inside, other with the China Yixing mark at the bottom. Some are made by craftsmasters (if you are lucky), others by ordinary factory workers.

This pot features plum blossoms, bamboo tree on the body and a pine tree as knob on the lid.

This is classic theme known as the Three Friends of Winter. Oriental artists like to paint these subjects to depict the hardy nature of these plants that can survive well under harsh winter conditions. Hence these subjects also frequently appear on teapots and other ceramic works.

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