Friday, 4 July 2014

Pine-tree teapot

A teapot made in the 70s. It has a ball filter inside.

The pot is globular shape that has features of pine tree on it. The lid has a tree branch with some leaves. This tiny brunch serves as grip for the purpose of lifting. Both the sprout and the handle look like massive rough branches of the pine tree. This in direct contrast to the smooth body of the pot.

This teapot is considered a large pot by today's standard. This large-size teapot is not ideal for tea appreciation ceremony. For tea appreciation, the process is more laborious. One needs to wash the pot inside and outside with hot water, the cups and other accessories. Large amount of hot water is consumed before your guests get to enjoy a cup of fragrant tea. On top of that, a lot of tea leaves need to be added to the pot due to the pot's capacity. If you use small cups for your guests, the tea will hush out from the sprout to overfill the cups rapidly. It can be quite awkward at times. Definitely it is not elegant to be used in tea ceremony. I would prefer the traditional small-size teapots for tea appreciation.

However, if you drink a lot of tea, the pot is ideal as the capacity is just nice for brewing tea to quench your thirst. I drink a lot of puerh in a day, I tend to use large-size teapot for this purpose. Especially when you drink puerh during a meal, you need to drink a lot of tea to accompany the food to its destination.

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