Thursday, 3 July 2014

Art on teapots

Since the late Qing dynasty, it has become a trend to incorporate art and calligraphy on teapots by potters to enhance the cultural aspects and value of teapots. It is said that the traditional things of art and calligraphy can be passed down as the teapots are handed over from generations to generations and the teapots can also be valuable due to the cultural aspects carried on them.

There is evidence to indicate this point. In 2011, a teapot be Gu Zingzhou was auctioned for over 17 millions RMB. This teapot was made by a grandmaster of teapot. Not only that, there was a Chinese painting engraved on it by an equally famous artist of the time, Wu Hufan. Because the teapot represented two great master's works, it became a highly contested item during an auction and the final bid settled at over 17 millions.

Here is a square teapot made in the 20th century by a renown potter Wu Yaoting. You can see a Chinese painting beautifully engraved on one of its side.

It is through a teapot (as it is passed down to the next generation), these features of art and calligraphy can be preserved. As a result, the cultural aspects of a teapot is far more greater in value than how much it is worth in the market.

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