Saturday, 5 July 2014

A piece of rare rock

Stones and rocks are things of nature.

Do you know, sometimes you will find a lot of things about stones and rocks apart from their chemical and physical structures and make-up. Some can even get inspirations from these stones. Nature is wonderful, all good things come from nature. Hope we don't squander away all our natural resources.

Stones and rocks have characters and life. For instance, you will find different patterns and designs on their surfaces. Some with peculiar pictures on them which make them collectors' darlings. These pictures can be landscapes, animals or even calligraphy and numbers. All these things depend on your imagination and creative thinking.

I recently bumped into a friend who has this funny looking piece of stone. When I take a closer look, I got a shock. Guess what did I see.

I saw a roaring tiger standing on a mountain. With its head turned away looking back, it is like telling the world who he is. One might think that he is saying such words: "Stop messing around with me, or else I will devour you". This stone really has character, the only one of its kind in this world. Without hesitation, I acquire this stone for my own enjoyment. Here is the video for sharing:

Recently I found out that there is another similar piece of rock owned by a rare stone collector in China.

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