Friday, 11 July 2014

Hexagonal pot

A unique hexagonal teapot made by Fan Qihua. Every part of the teapot revolves around the hexagonal shape. The body, the sprout, the lid, the knob and also the handle are all in hexagonal shape.

This teapot has a big hexagonal lower body which abruptly reduces to half the size midway and ends with a hexagonal lid and knob. .This will be a disaster in design if it is an engineering component. Why, drastic change of section will sure introduce severe stress concentration leading to failure of an engineering part. But for ceramics, it is a different story. It only experiences thermal stresses which ceramics are well able to withstand. Other than that, this is a very creative teapot design and very artistic and aesthetic, pleasing to the eye and an enjoyment for using it to brew your favourite cup of Chinese tea.

The potter, Fan Qihua

范其华 高级工艺美术师 江苏省美术协会会员 无锡市美术协会会员 1964年1月生于江苏宜兴,从小生长在陶艺之乡。1980年从事紫砂陶行业,师承中国工艺美术大师徐汉棠,并得到老师悉心传教。多年来一直致力于紫砂工艺的创作和研究,有许多原创力作问世,作品在国内外多次展出得奖,并深得海内外爱收藏家的厚爱。

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