Sunday, 27 July 2014

Pork belly 2

I have another piece of pork belly, a very huge piece air-flown all the way from Europe. It weighs more than 20 kg. If you roast it to make roasted pork (that kind you see in most Chines restaurants, see photo below), the meat can possibly feed more than 20 people. But again if you have cholesterol, you better refrain from taking any of the roasted meat. Fat is no good for your health. Just look at the top layer, it is fundamentally fat, almost 2 inches thick. But again, the best thing about the pork belly is the fat sandwiched between the meat. Imagine the sensation and the texture when you take a bite into the succulent roasted meat when the oily juice comes dripping down your mouth. I don't like roasted pork without any fat, just lean meat. The taste is flat and the texture is not there, too dry to chew and swallow the meat.

Now, I feel like wanting to have my favourire roasted pork belly for dinner. Got to ask my wife to prepare the pork and get ready the oven. But before that let's check out the internet for a good recipe for roasted pork belly.

Roasted pork belly is best served with plain rice over few glasses of red wine. Does that make you mouth water? Go and order some roasted pork belly from the nearest Chinese restaurant.

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