Tuesday, 8 July 2014

An old buffalo pot

Here is another old classic pot made in the 70s with a ball filter inside.

This time there is a buffalo sitting on the lid.

Buffalo had been a symbol of diligence and hard work in the life of peasants. As old China was an agriculture country, this farm animal was inseparable from peasants whose livelihood depended very much on farming. With no sophistical farming equipment in old China, the buffalo ploughed the land faithfully and prepared it for farming. Undoubtedly, people of China had high regards for this animal. Hence the image of buffalo appeared in paintings and other cultural artifacts such as teapots and ceramics. There was a famous artist, Li Keran, whose buffalo paintings fetch millions in auction markets.

Buffalo painting by Li Keran
Li Keran,  a renown artist, was a specialist in buffalo paintings. His buffalos, half immersed in water, look very real and lively. With the country boys talking on the back of the buffalos in a traditional landscape setting, this type of paintings are so poetic and artistic. No wonder his paintings are highly sought after by art lovers.
Li Keran, the artist

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